My Christmas Gift Guide

It’s festive season, friends!

I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving, no matter how you celebrated this year. Personally, I’m so thankful for my family, the ability to create Christmas magic in our home this year, and for the love + support, we’ve received this year for Kindred Vintage. Thank you to each of you, whether you’ve been following along on this journey from the beginning or if you’re new. Every individual’s support means the world and the Kindred Vintage team is so grateful for you!

This year I wanted to celebrate the season by sharing some of my favorite holiday gift ideas! These are some tested and true products, and I hope you or the lucky recipient enjoys them just as much as I do!

Here we go!

  1. First on my list, my all-time favorite CBD company, Equilibria! You guys, if you have been following along, you know just how much  I SWEAR by this company and their products. CBD has been one of the best changes for my health this year, from the calming effects it has when experiencing anxiety, to helping me doze off to sleep, to amazing skincare products, to peaceful & relaxing aromatherapy baths it does it all, so there is something for every woman in your life! Speaking of women,  Equilibria tailors dosage for every client free of charge, so you have CBD that is tailored just for YOU or whomever the kit is for;)! I love this quote from their website, how true is this? Especially this year! “Life isn’t static, and our mental and physical needs aren’t either. We focus on our members’ quality of life by offering personalized, medical-grade CBD routines with dedicated one-on-one Dosage Support.”

Now for the exciting part, look at these darling holiday bundles Equilibria offers, treat yourself or you can even purchase individual items as stocking stuffers for the women you love! They have a special sale running now through Cyber Monday 11/30. The sale includes 20% off sitewide and a free full-size Daily Treatment Oil (EQ’s new premium skincare product) on orders of $150+. All customers can take advantage of 20% off sitewide. PLUS all new customers will receive an additional 15% off when shopping with my code: KINDREDVINTAGE Click HERE to shop Equilibria!

I promise you, it’s a gift you don’t want to skip this year. It’s worked wonders for me, and I couldn’t recommend it enough. ❤️


2. Need a stocking stuffer or something warm and cozy? I absolutely love Carhartt beanies. They have so many fun colors and are the perfect warm accessory for anyone. Everyone in our family has one of these! Click HERE to purchase one!

3. Next up, one of my favorite companies, and also someone I am happy to call friend, Lindsay Letters. She has the most beautiful artwork (I have her pieces throughout my home), and she also uses her lettering to create beautiful mugs. She has different styles to choose from, but I just think they make the best gifts. You can browse through her site HERE.

4. Loomia has some beautiful Christmas gift sets as well as THESE cozy chic slippers. The color palette for these are perfect, just be sure to size up 1-2 sizes from your standard shoe size! I am typically a 7.5 and ordered the 39EU and they fit great. Also, THESE Christmas sets are made up of a collection of beautiful handmade pieces from this company. For 20% use my code LOOMIA20 + the Christmas sets are an additional 10% off!

5. One of my favorite cozy blankets that we use on our girls bed is THIS! The Alpine Faux Fur Throw Blanket is the coziest textured blanket, and our girls love to snuggle with these every night. Let’s be honest, I love these for myself. These would be perfect for throwing over your chair or couch or hanging up on a peg rail for some extra textures to your living room.

6. Another favorite addition to my 2020 routine has been Young Living Essential Oils. I have become obsessed with diffusing oils and using them topically for the whole family. Walking into a room filled with fresh air and a variety of scents, depending on your mood, has really made for a peaceful calming environment. The whole family loves the variety of smells, and I love the look of their diffusers too! A few personal favorites are the Aria Diffuser and Desert Mist. These are some of the options (if in stock!) that can come with the starter kit, along with a variety of essential oils to get you going. The Starter Kit is the perfect gift for anyone interested in beginning with oils! I even have another Instagram account dedicated to my oils called Kindred and Clove and you can check that out HERE. To get started with Young Living, follow this link and be sure to sign up under me! I will help you along your journey and you will be entered into our oily community! Click HERE to join our community! Feel free to reach out with any questions! Individual oils also make great stocking stuffers. 🙂

7. Don’t get me started with Arhaus. One of my all-time favorite home furnishing stores. If you follow my Kindred Vintage Instagram page, you must know my love for this company! They also sell my favorite mirror of all time, the Amelie! If you click HERE you can view all the different sizes they offer! You will not regret gifting it this holiday season.

(Photo: Breakforth Studio)

8. Speaking of coffee mugs earlier, my favorite drip coffee maker is THIS SMEG model. I personally own the color white, and it proudly sits on my countertop! They have other adorable kitchen appliances too! You can’t go wrong with a classic SMEG piece.

9. And for everybody’s favorite bedding this year, the Threshold Velvet Diamond Stitch Quilt, which you can click HERE to view! I used these in our guest bedroom, our master bedroom, and in our Tuff Shed loft. You guys, they have a variety of colors and they add the best texture and comfort to any bed. Whoever is gifted one of these this year will not be disappointed!

10. Next up, my new home collection with PCB! We partnered together this holiday season to bring you a whimsical collection of pillows, personalized blankets, tea towels, and a few other home furnishings. Check out our collection by clicking HERE.

11. Lastly, a kitchen must-have this year, THESE Caraway pots + pans! They have a sale going on now through Monday 11/30! Their sale includes 10% off orders of $225-$449, 15% off orders of $450-$524, and 20% off orders of $525+. These pots and pans are truly a game-changer. They’re non-stick, toxic-free, and come in a variety of colors. I own the terra-cotta set and we use them every single day. Great gift idea for just about anyone!


Wishing you a holiday season full of love + joy!












A Cozy Addition with Annie Selke

Happy November 1st! (How is it already November!?)

Many of you have asked about our latest addition to our fireplace room, and let me say, it’s the perfect piece for the season. Our Annie Selke Sorrel Woven Wool Rug was the perfect choice for this space. I’ve always used a smaller rug for this room, but choosing this 10×14 was definitely the right selection.

I absolutely love how it adds a cozy texture to this room. One thing I adore about the fireplace room is the comfort as this is where we host and cuddle up during the cold season. We added the hanging blankets, our new Annie Selke rug, and some big pillows to incorporate as much comfort.


What do you guys think of the rug for this space? As you must know by now, rugs are one of my favorite ways to add texture and switch up the look of the room. I think this was a winner! 😉



Backyard Halloween with Tuff Shed


Documenting the little moments in life because at the end of the day, they’re the biggest ones. We carved pumpkins last night with our cuties in our TuffShed and it was nothing short of magical. I love that we have a space to escape to make memories… and it’s even better that it’s in our backyard!!

This year has been different and unordinary, to say the least in so many ways. We are learning to navigate when traditions are altered. Like going to HomeDepot for pumpkins instead of the pumpkin farm. The first time we’ve missed a visit since the girls’ were born.

On a whim, I hung up the floating candles that I ordered a few years ago and never used, brought out the pumpkin cheesecake and apple cider and we called the troops out to the We Shed where we made some memories. And guess what? It was perfect. We may have gotten our carving in by the skin on our teeth, but we did it and it was a night I’ll always remember!


Our Tuff Shed has been a saving grace this year and I know as the weather gets colder and we’re stuck at home, we will continue to use this space for more escapes and entertainment. So far we’ve been able to enjoy projecting movies from the loft, making popcorn, carving pumpkins, and of course all the little things in between. Stay tuned for more holiday festivities in our Tuff Shed. This space has really been a dream come true.

I hope you enjoy today wherever you are celebrating this year!

Happy Halloween, friends!

Our Tuff Shed Build

Hey World!

Rob here.  Susan asked me to write about the Tuff Shed installation process since she’s received so many questions about how everything came together.  Here we go!

First off, Tuff Sheds are awesome.  Putting that out there front and center. They’re awesome because they offer 1,000 different customization options but despite that, they are still perfectly manufactured since the entire building process is done at their factory.  This pre-development allows Tuff Sheds to be built under perfect conditions, with pre-cast materials that are specifically designed for each individual customization option.  Thus, the build-out is as near as perfectly efficient as possible.  Waste is limited as raw materials have been studied, examined, and worked in such a fashion as to maximize the quantity of finalized output.  Honestly, the argument can and has been made that all buildings should be pre-manufactured due to this vast increase in efficiency, quality, and the time needed to assemble.  But that’s the sustainability policy analyst coming out in me.

The starting point for building your own Tuff Shed is their website.  On there, you’ll see a ‘Build-A-Quote’ section on the bottom left.  Click that, type in your zip (because pricing differs per region) and you’re taken to the 15 building types and styles they offer.  Susan chose the Premier Pro Tall Barn.  (Note, I liked the Premier Pro Barn Weekender because there is a sweet front porch but I lost out because I couldn’t counter the argument that we couldn’t use the outside space 10 months a year.  But if you’re in a nice climate seriously check that one out!)

Once a style is chosen the details are then determined.  The number of options to choose from will require some thought.  You’ll want to specify everything from the roof to the floor.  Walls, windows, paint, height, and a multitude of loft options for the second floor (if applicable).  Susan and I had to sit down and go through this together in order to figure out which options best suited our space.  Additionally, depending on your specific town’s zoning you’ll want to learn whether the larger sized sheds are considered garages and thus, are required to meet additional specifications.

In our case, the 18X14 size required a concrete slab foundation and that was it.  I’m not in any way a construction expert so I relied heavily on the Tuff Shed staff to provide the engineering and assembly plan to help satisfy our town’s permit guys.  And seriously, Tuff Shed was awesome.  They were patient through all mine and the city’s questions and we had absolutely no issues with the permitting process at all.

From there, the Tuff Shed guys take your instructions and engineer a shed together.  Thankfully, we were completely out of that process altogether.  But I asked one of the Tuff Shed guys how long it takes to actually build a shed in the factory and he said most can be fully built out in less than a day.  That’s freaking fast.

Lastly, we scheduled an assembly date.  We had to wait a bit between our online submittal and the actual on-site assembly of the shed because we needed a few good weather days  in a row for the concrete slab to dry.  The Tuff Shed crew was fully accommodating for all that. Once we began the assembly took two days, which was much faster than I had thought it would take.  Most sheds take only a day to assemble but due to the larger size and breaks for Susan to record the process for y’all, our assembly took an extra day.

After that, we had a fully functioning Tuff Shed.  Everything additional was Susan’s creativity and design. Stay tuned for more of this to come!

Our 1940’s sunken patio reveal!

I clearly remember the day I first saw our house. It was actually a few years before we moved. We drove past to look at another one across the street and when we got there I remember wing captivated by this one. Aside from the fact that it was a white Victorian Farmhouse I was so intrigued by the sunken patio off the side of the house! Around here you don’t really see many patios like this! It was such a cool feature.

Home sweet home

Flash forward a few years. We were still searching for homes in my dream neighborhood. My mom and I jumped in the car and went for a neighborhood drive. We drove aimlessly around when she pointed out a “coming soon” sign in the distance. As we drove closer and I realized it was the same home I loved before I was so excited!! The house was ours a few months later. 👏🏻 Things have a way of working out, don’t they?!

Reece helping plant the boxwoods

After a year and eight months of working on the inside of our home, then adding a play-set, a tuff shed and porch swing to the exterior of our home, we finally got around to tackling that same sunken patio that had me at hello! It was a huge undertaking and I could not have done it without Rob and the help of family. It was a straight month of power washing, racking up old pea gravel, laying down landscaping lining, adding new stone, weeding, planting a ton of boxwoods, hanging lights and painting I was finally able to get to the good part, decorating!!

We worked with Arhaus designer Gracey Snow to give our dream patio a dream design makeover!

I want to start off by saying every Arhaus store offers this complimentary design service! Whether you decide to shop indoors or have your consultation online this service is completely free and oh so helpful! It’s so reassuring to have someone work with you to make sure items will fit into your space. Or help you with an awkward layout or provide ideas you may not have thought of yourself!

This is before doing anything to it to make it look better besides adding what we had.
Man, has this space changed!!

We worked on our project during quarantine so we met with Gracey Snow online from the comfort of our home. We had a phone conversation and provided dimensions of our sunken patio and what we had dreamt for the space to function as prior to our Skype meeting. And you guys when she showed us her thoughts and ideas on the space she knocked it out of the park!


She provided us with two looks, both stunning, but one just felt more like our family and after considering things like Chicagoland weather etc I knew exactly which one spoke to my heart!

Gracey, was wonderful to work with and actually came up with an idea I hadn’t considered, turning the fire pit horizontally between the two couches to fill up more space. She then added two outdoor poufs to line the side of the fire pit and fill in the empty gap. I LOVE how this looks and how it shows off our built in terra-cotta bench, that now showcases our plants!

Thank you Gracey for your wonderful design and service! You’re amazing!

I am so smitten with how this space turned out and cannot wait to spend many Summer days out here! Would love to hear what you think of it!

Dining area:

1.       Bourdeaux dining table

2.       Bourdeaux dining bench

3. Schoonover dining chair

Outdoor living room:

1.       Wyatt outdoor sofa

2. Sevilla swivel chair

3.       Natural log rectangle outdoor fire table

4.       Naples outdoor end table

5.       Carran pouf

6.       Capitola outdoor pillows

Our home LIBRARY!

Here’s a story of a girl and her library.

The library of my dreams!

Let’s start from the way beginning, when 9 year old Susan sat wide eyed in a movie theater watching Beauty and the Beast, which would soon become her all time favorite movie, still to this day.

I was mesmerized by it! And one of my all time favorite scenes was that of Belle soaring through a library on a rolling ladder surrounded by books, and then another when she was gifted a library of her own filled floor to ceiling with pages and pages of adventure!

You know the one 🙂

Since then I always dreamt of having a library in our home. It wasn’t until our second home and 27 years later that that dream would come true for me! But it did and you guys, I’m in love!

Athens storage furniture from Arhaus

Thank you Arhaus for helping to bring my vision to life!

When I seriously started thinking about turning our rarely used formal dining room into a library I initially thought we would do floor to ceiling built ins. I thought about going this route for a few reasons. I wanted the room to feel grand, even though it isn’t a huge space I wanted it to make a statement. After all, I needed floor to ceiling shelves stuffed with books just like Belle. 😉

I was also hesitant with this idea for a few reasons. The built ins would be permanent. They would ruin the plaster walls. If we ever moved we wouldn’t be able to take them with us. It was a huge commitment.

At the end of the day I knew I wasn’t going to be happy with free standing shelving so I took the next step and we priced out having built ins put into our home. Turned out it was even more of a commitment than I was anticipating. The decorative crown on the ceiling would have to be removed and the detail of the vintage plaster ceiling reworked. That gave me the push to keep looking elsewhere.

I adore these shelves

I turned to my favorite home furnishing store, Arhaus and started taking measurements. Nothing seemed right at first but as I kept looking and researching I learned I could reconfigure their shelving units and work with a FREE Arhaus designer to make them look like built ins!!! I’m not exaggerating when I say my heart was racing as I measured for the Athens cabinets and they were just the right height and width for the space! I knew I wanted them to wrap around the room, just like they would if I got builtins on the wall, so that’s where the complimentary Arhaus design services came into play!

My happy place

I sent over my vision, dimensions of the room and within days I received back plans from an Arhaus designer for a corner unit that would marry the two end bookcases and create my dream library! There’s something so special about having a designer help with your plans, and it’s even more amazing when their services are complimentary!

27 years of dreaming about a home library… it was worth the wait!

I ended up deciding against the Athens bookcase with the sliding ladder because of the space constraints of the room! But they do have that option as well as many other gorgeous designs!

You guys, it was possible to have bookcases that looked like they had always been a part of our 1856 home without ruining any of the other vintage charm of the room! Not to mention, they were stunning, classic and elegant. Exactly the vibe I was hoping for.

Cozy library = Reece approved.

Best news right now all storage from Arhaus is 15% off! So make sure to check it out!

A reminder of how the room functioned as a final dining room.
The same room now as a cozy library

I want to add this in from friend to friend, yes, both the built ins and the cabinetry options were a large investment. At the end of the day both options were actually very similar in price for my space. I couldn’t be happier with any of the items I have from Arhaus their furniture is made to last and it is timeless. I feel good knowing that I will be able to pass these along to our children one day. Yes, that is how confident I am vouching for Arhaus pieces. This library is no different! I’m smitten! Would love to hear what you think!

Father’s Day Gift Guide

It’s almost that time of year to honor the amazing men in our lives. We’ve gathered a few gift ideas to spoil and celebrate fathers! Here are some favorites that we collected for the outdoor dads, some plants for his office, the music lovers, you name it! 😉


They are all linked below! Whether it’s a gift to your hubby, from the kids, or for your own dad, I hope you find something you love! I know Rob would appreciate these since he helped come up with some of this list. 😉


Let me know what you like or other ideas you have this year!





Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Good morning friends!

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it! Don’t worry… I’m here to help! Whether you are shopping for your wife, your mother or if you’re like me, browsing for some ideas to treat yourself, let’s face it we deserve this now more than ever ;), I am sharing some of my favorite things!

I have linked all these beauties below! I love them all so much! Tell me, in a dream world, where there are no restrictions, what would you choose for yourself or your loved one? Would love to know your favorite thing!



Hilton Head & Sonesta Resort

Good morning from chilly Chicago! It’s currently in the 30’s and as I sit here sipping my coffee I’m daydreaming about my travels last month to South Carolina. I’m already thinking about when we can return next!

Traveling to South Carolina was initially organized for a work trip. I was invited to Hilton Heady by HGTV to visit and document Bryan Patrick Flynn’s Dream Home for the 2020 giveaway. And let me tell ya, I was so excited to see this beauty in person! I had heard so many great things about Hilton Head and knew I wanted to stay longer than just a couple of days.  I didn’t know this before but Hilton Head is actually a beautiful island off the coast of South Carolina. There are mossy trees overhanging in the streets which make everything feel so dreamy. There is a charm that I just personally love and cannot get over how pretty it was.  Best of all, I got to invite my sister Catherine, and my mom along with me so that we could extend this trip and make a vacation out of it. Let me tell you, I’m so happy we did!

Aside from visiting the 2020 HGTV Dream Home, (by the way, whoever wins this is one lucky person!) I want to tell you about the wonderful resort we stayed at during our extended stay. Sonesta Resort kindly hosted us on their beautiful property for five nights. We originally planned on staying only three nights but got stranded there.  (More on that below.)  The hotel is located right on the beach and so many amenities to enjoy. Every morning we enjoyed breakfast in their restaurant and appreciated the time to have a slow morning and some great views of the pool and curation of lush trees on the property. Some mornings mom would order coffee for room service since she’s the early riser in the group and we would enjoy sipping from our mugs while sitting on our balcony, or truthfully, from the comfort of our beds, haha!

After breakfast we would walk around the property and then head to the beach to search for any seashells we could find and we would also spot so many sand dollars (they’re known for this!). Hunting for seashells is one of my favorite things to do when vacationing near a beach. The area around the resort was different than most as it was flat and had solid ground. This was perfect for any type of athletics. We would watch so many people run along the water.  Cath, mom, and I took several long walks up and down the beach site seeing and just loving the sound of the waves.  One day we even rented bikes and rode several miles up the coast!   Seriously, it was just stunningly beautiful.

Sonesta Resort offers many types of rentals, from bicycles to paddleboards, and we were so pleased with our bike rental experience. The flat sand made it easy to ride our bikes along the water. It was so refreshing and all three of us said this was a highlight of our stay. I highly recommend it! We rode for hours, and along the beach, you can stop off at other spots to grab a drink or a bite to eat. Another option is to ride the bikes or walk along the paved paths around the island. There are boutiques and restaurants nearby if you like to explore.

Considering our trip was in January, we weren’t able to enjoy the ocean, but I cannot wait to bring Rob and the girls back here in the summertime! Coming from Chicago’s winter, we still brought our bathing suits and enjoyed their hot tub and even their pool! We may have been the only ones swimming in 60 degrees but the pool was warm to us! In the warmer season, Sonesta Resort also has a restaurant next to the pool for poolside service and offers fun camps and activities for kids. I know Olivia and Lorelei would love that. When I return I’ll also take advantage of the spa on site. This momma would love a massage! There is so much to do on the property that you don’t even have to leave the resort!

The last bit I’ll share is how accommodating and friendly the staff are. From the get-go, everyone was so kind and went out of their way to accommodate us. We always felt welcomed and were happy to have such great service and smiling faces. The day before we were supposed to fly home, we discovered our flight was canceled due to poor weather conditions in Chicago. Instead of getting stuck on a layover, Sonesta Resort gladly accommodated us for two more nights while the bad weather passed back at home. (Thank you!!) We definitely didn’t mind having to stay two more days. 😉

We had such a great time visiting Hilton Head. If you’re ever in Hilton Head, you must stay at Sonesta Resort! We can’t wait for our next trip back!

Merry Christmas to me! Thank you Delta Faucet!


Susan here today.  I’d like to talk to you about a recent cosmetic (well mostly cosmetic but also a functional improvement as well) change we made to our bathroom.  Let me start by writing that we loved the look of our house when we moved in but knew right from the get-go that it wasn’t “our” style.  The touches were more modern and masculine and if you’ve been following me, you know I tend towards a mix of bohemian, romantic style.  Side note, my husband always wants me to call it bohro but I’m just not loving that.

So despite the look being good, it just wasn’t for us.  So we did a few things in here.  First, we painted the room a light bluish/gray.  This color is from our Romabio paint line and is called Mantra.   Next we used the same wallpaper that we hung in our room.  That’s called Anemone Wallpaper in Midnight from Kelly Ventura.  I think that added a nice statement wall.  Finally, we removed the two mirrors that I really did not like much.  In their place we put in the 1800’s mirror that was over the fireplace in our old home.  This slightly quirky layout, without mirrors directly over each sink, works for us.  Rob doesn’t really care what he looks like and I don’t need to watch myself brushing my teeth.  So with those core pieces in place we were close but the bathroom still needed some finishing touches.

That’s why we’re so thankful to partner with Delta Faucet (with products available at Home Depot) to add these amazing faucets and just beautiful shower head.

The sink faucets are called Two Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet from Delta’s Chamberlain collection.   I really love their sophisticated construct.  The high angled spout, which almost looks like a swan to me, is graceful and elegant.  Plus it’s highly functional as filling up buckets or whatnot is much easier with the added clearance.

Next, Delta’s In2ition two-in-one shower head/hand shower combo is a luxury that is so very much perfection.  I love it, Rob loves it, and little Lorelei insists on using our shower instead of her’s because she just loves the handheld sprayer.  It helps us too since she struggles to get all of the conditioner out of her hair.  Rob or I can just pop that out and make sure that she’s completely rinsed off.  Plus, I have to admit that I have taken advantage of the massager setting more than once.  After a long day of chasing kiddos, working, and exercising that pulsating stream of water really helps to soothe my aching muscles.

So with Delta’s help, I think this bathroom is finally “ours”.  I love how we were able to transform the style of the space from modern/masculine to bohro (there you go Rob 😉 ) with just cosmetic updates.  Since the “bones” we completed by the previous owner our changes were pretty straightforward.