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Just out our back door, nestled under the shade of a sycamore tree, is our Tuff Shed.  It’s a mix of barn frame, white painted pine wood-cladding, and concrete.  I find it to be a place where you can get lost, find yourself, become bored, then get inspired. A spot where you can hear the crackle of the (electric) flames, open the windows so you can hear the crickets, the birds, and our girls playing.  This is my spot to unplug so I can reconnect. I’d like to welcome you to my hideaway.

We built our Tuff Shed three years ago.  (If you click this link, Rob wrote a blog post where he talked about the ordering, designing, and construction of our shed.  Also, here is a top 10 questions answered piece that gives a bit more info.)  Since then we’ve done so much with the space.  From Halloween, to birthdays, to simply having an extra sleeping space.  Lately though, I’ve been using the space as a place to relax and I’m here to write about that.


I got to design the space myself and I knew I wanted something that would inspire, be charming, and foster conversation.  Here are three simple tricks that I used to do just that.

  • Make it cozy by providing lots of cushions and blankets for cuddling.

  • Well-lit areas create moods and personality. It is then welcoming to relax, unwind, read or enjoy a cup of coffee!

  • Speaking of reading one of my favorite ways to create coziness and texture in here, is to add books.  There’s nothing quite as good as unwinding and escaping with a good story while enjoy a bit of nature from the comforts of my snuggly chair.

Now that I have shared all this and how we have enjoyed the space the last few years I am beyond excited to announce that we are about to get our hands dirty and give this escape of ours a whole new look inside paired with a whole lot of intention. This space is transforming not only into a sanctuary to get away but we are turning it into a game room as well. Think of your favorite cozy cabin, tucked away in the woods, a crackling fire, books and now vintage games to enjoy!! The girls are so excited but I have to admit mom and dad might be even more!

We can’t wait to bring you along!

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