Susan: Founder + Creator

A little bit about myself. I am a wife to one of the most wonderful men in the world and a mother to two darling little girls and and a rescued pup named Reece. I adore my family, friends, design, old homes, vintage goods, decorating, coffee, red wine, holidays, and being surrounded by beautiful, inspirational people and spaces.

After purchasing our first fixer-upper in February of 2014, and many months of major renovations, Kindred Vintage was born. We have since purchased our second home and are busy turning this 1856 Victorian Farmhouse into our cozy home. These walls hold many stories and we are so blessed to be creating many more memories here!

My design style? Well, I am not sure I can narrow it down to just one! It is a big ole mix of a whole lot of things that I love. However, I can assure you this, adding character and style to spaces is my passion. My motto; fill your home with only the things that you absolutely adore, whether they be old or new, because those things represent you and your family, and that my friend, is what truly makes just any old house a home.

xo Susan

Rob: Operations Manager

My role in Kindred Vintage is financial management, handyman, and male modeling. 😉   I love watching Susan create and enjoy DIY projects.  I revel in my role as an Instagram  husband and proudly support both Susan and Catherine as they build the Kindred Vintage brand.

Catherine: Brand Manager

Hi there! Fun fact, not only am I the brand manager of Kindred Vintage, but also Susan’s baby sister. I share her love of design, and am proud to be apart of this brand.

I have a deep love for all things vintage, especially vintage couches + fashion. A few other loves of mine include my fur baby (my cat Archie), iced lattes + cocktails, traveling the globe, and thrifting.