Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Good morning friends!

Mother’s Day will be here before you know it! Don’t worry… I’m here to help! Whether you are shopping for your wife, your mother or if you’re like me, browsing for some ideas to treat yourself, let’s face it we deserve this now more than ever ;), I am sharing some of my favorite things!

I have linked all these beauties below! I love them all so much! Tell me, in a dream world, where there are no restrictions, what would you choose for yourself or your loved one? Would love to know your favorite thing!



Hilton Head & Sonesta Resort

Good morning from chilly Chicago! It’s currently in the 30’s and as I sit here sipping my coffee I’m daydreaming about my travels last month to South Carolina. I’m already thinking about when we can return next!

Traveling to South Carolina was initially organized for a work trip. I was invited to Hilton Heady by HGTV to visit and document Bryan Patrick Flynn’s Dream Home for the 2020 giveaway. And let me tell ya, I was so excited to see this beauty in person! I had heard so many great things about Hilton Head and knew I wanted to stay longer than just a couple of days.  I didn’t know this before but Hilton Head is actually a beautiful island off the coast of South Carolina. There are mossy trees overhanging in the streets which make everything feel so dreamy. There is a charm that I just personally love and cannot get over how pretty it was.  Best of all, I got to invite my sister Catherine, and my mom along with me so that we could extend this trip and make a vacation out of it. Let me tell you, I’m so happy we did!

Aside from visiting the 2020 HGTV Dream Home, (by the way, whoever wins this is one lucky person!) I want to tell you about the wonderful resort we stayed at during our extended stay. Sonesta Resort kindly hosted us on their beautiful property for five nights. We originally planned on staying only three nights but got stranded there.  (More on that below.)  The hotel is located right on the beach and so many amenities to enjoy. Every morning we enjoyed breakfast in their restaurant and appreciated the time to have a slow morning and some great views of the pool and curation of lush trees on the property. Some mornings mom would order coffee for room service since she’s the early riser in the group and we would enjoy sipping from our mugs while sitting on our balcony, or truthfully, from the comfort of our beds, haha!

After breakfast we would walk around the property and then head to the beach to search for any seashells we could find and we would also spot so many sand dollars (they’re known for this!). Hunting for seashells is one of my favorite things to do when vacationing near a beach. The area around the resort was different than most as it was flat and had solid ground. This was perfect for any type of athletics. We would watch so many people run along the water.  Cath, mom, and I took several long walks up and down the beach site seeing and just loving the sound of the waves.  One day we even rented bikes and rode several miles up the coast!   Seriously, it was just stunningly beautiful.

Sonesta Resort offers many types of rentals, from bicycles to paddleboards, and we were so pleased with our bike rental experience. The flat sand made it easy to ride our bikes along the water. It was so refreshing and all three of us said this was a highlight of our stay. I highly recommend it! We rode for hours, and along the beach, you can stop off at other spots to grab a drink or a bite to eat. Another option is to ride the bikes or walk along the paved paths around the island. There are boutiques and restaurants nearby if you like to explore.

Considering our trip was in January, we weren’t able to enjoy the ocean, but I cannot wait to bring Rob and the girls back here in the summertime! Coming from Chicago’s winter, we still brought our bathing suits and enjoyed their hot tub and even their pool! We may have been the only ones swimming in 60 degrees but the pool was warm to us! In the warmer season, Sonesta Resort also has a restaurant next to the pool for poolside service and offers fun camps and activities for kids. I know Olivia and Lorelei would love that. When I return I’ll also take advantage of the spa on site. This momma would love a massage! There is so much to do on the property that you don’t even have to leave the resort!

The last bit I’ll share is how accommodating and friendly the staff are. From the get-go, everyone was so kind and went out of their way to accommodate us. We always felt welcomed and were happy to have such great service and smiling faces. The day before we were supposed to fly home, we discovered our flight was canceled due to poor weather conditions in Chicago. Instead of getting stuck on a layover, Sonesta Resort gladly accommodated us for two more nights while the bad weather passed back at home. (Thank you!!) We definitely didn’t mind having to stay two more days. 😉

We had such a great time visiting Hilton Head. If you’re ever in Hilton Head, you must stay at Sonesta Resort! We can’t wait for our next trip back!

Merry Christmas to me! Thank you Delta Faucet!


Susan here today.  I’d like to talk to you about a recent cosmetic (well mostly cosmetic but also a functional improvement as well) change we made to our bathroom.  Let me start by writing that we loved the look of our house when we moved in but knew right from the get-go that it wasn’t “our” style.  The touches were more modern and masculine and if you’ve been following me, you know I tend towards a mix of bohemian, romantic style.  Side note, my husband always wants me to call it bohro but I’m just not loving that.

So despite the look being good, it just wasn’t for us.  So we did a few things in here.  First, we painted the room a light bluish/gray.  This color is from our Romabio paint line and is called Mantra.   Next we used the same wallpaper that we hung in our room.  That’s called Anemone Wallpaper in Midnight from Kelly Ventura.  I think that added a nice statement wall.  Finally, we removed the two mirrors that I really did not like much.  In their place we put in the 1800’s mirror that was over the fireplace in our old home.  This slightly quirky layout, without mirrors directly over each sink, works for us.  Rob doesn’t really care what he looks like and I don’t need to watch myself brushing my teeth.  So with those core pieces in place we were close but the bathroom still needed some finishing touches.

That’s why we’re so thankful to partner with Delta Faucet (with products available at Home Depot) to add these amazing faucets and just beautiful shower head.

The sink faucets are called Two Handle Centerset Bathroom Faucet from Delta’s Chamberlain collection.   I really love their sophisticated construct.  The high angled spout, which almost looks like a swan to me, is graceful and elegant.  Plus it’s highly functional as filling up buckets or whatnot is much easier with the added clearance.

Next, Delta’s In2ition two-in-one shower head/hand shower combo is a luxury that is so very much perfection.  I love it, Rob loves it, and little Lorelei insists on using our shower instead of her’s because she just loves the handheld sprayer.  It helps us too since she struggles to get all of the conditioner out of her hair.  Rob or I can just pop that out and make sure that she’s completely rinsed off.  Plus, I have to admit that I have taken advantage of the massager setting more than once.  After a long day of chasing kiddos, working, and exercising that pulsating stream of water really helps to soothe my aching muscles.

So with Delta’s help, I think this bathroom is finally “ours”.  I love how we were able to transform the style of the space from modern/masculine to bohro (there you go Rob 😉 ) with just cosmetic updates.  Since the “bones” we completed by the previous owner our changes were pretty straightforward.

Kindred Vintage x Balsam Hill Holiday Party Table Setting

Hello from team Kindred Vintage! We’re giving tips on everything you need to host an amazing holiday dinner party. Learn the details of how to plan your menu and adorn your seasonal tablescape! Treat your guests to a holiday dinner to remember! 

Please join us over at Balsam Hill for tips on how to cook and decorate for your own beautiful holiday dinner party. Cheers!

Kindred Vintage Balsam Hill Holiday Party Setting

A Little Family Christmas Tradition

Getting our trees ready for the holidays is just our absolute favorite here at Kindred Vintage! If you’ve been following along, you know that our tradition here is for the family to set up a Christmas tree prior to Thanksgiving.  And in the past few years we’ve actually included a few more trees to the mix.  We just love the warmth and glow Christmas tree lights give off, so in our eyes the more the merrier!! Also by putting up the tree before Thanksgiving we get to expand these festivities an extra week. 🙂 🙂 🙂  With how much we love this season and all the coziness it brings, any extra Christmas time is a win in our books.

If you’re anything like us, you enjoy having a few trees to spread the warmth around the house.  Even better, by having a few extra trees you get to use a variety of trees types or set up trees using a unique styling.  And if you’re as crazy as us, (ha ha) you can set up themes for each room to set different moods!  But however tree happy you want to be, Balsam Hill has you covered.  Just to give you an idea of the options available to you, BH has five different tree shapes, seven lighting types, six height options (up to 30 feet!!!!), three degrees of realism, three ways to buy a tree based on how you set it up, and very conveniently there are five pricing categories to fit any budget.  I feel pretty confident saying that there’s a tree for anyone and everyone here.

With the huge variety of trees we have from Balsam Hill we get to stretch our imaginations when it comes to decorating.  To give you some ideas that perhaps you could use around your home here’s what we did for our family tree, which is the Sanibel Spruce.

For this very personal and sentimental tree we like to use simple decorations such as homemade popcorn garland.  This adds a touch of nostalgia without going overboard and the girls get to help while Reece steals bits of popcorn that fall off the table.  We even added some cranberries to the mix so that little bits of color popped up.

Closer to Christmas we will add our girls’ ornaments (my favorites) that they make in school and the clay ornaments that our aunt sends us with our family names. 😍 And now that we have a new family member, Reece will get his own ornament this year too!  Once those finishing touches are added this tree becomes so homey.  🙂

There’s something so warm about family traditions surrounding the glow of the Christmas tree. But this tradition is one we especially adore. We hope you love this tradition as much as we do! Let us know about any family traditions you share. We’d love to hear!

Beautiful Photos Taken by Sharon Hughes Photography

Cozy Seating with Jonathan Louis

It has been a busy couple of months here at Kindred Vintage because we’ve have been working on some really exciting projects and I’m about to tell you about one of my favorites now! If you follow along on Instagram, you know the decor is always changing, but one of our recent living room setups was one of the coziest! We have partnered with Jonathan Louis to set up our living room with the most comfortable sofa and armchairs ever! They’re a part of the Harris Collection and let me tell you, we’re obsessed!

Jonathan Louis has so many amazing collections with so many seating options to choose from. I just find it so fun to imagine what pieces would work in the space, how we should arrange everything so it flows, and lastly, decide what fabrics best match the room itself. And oh, let me tell you about the fabrics! We chose the Cisco Dove which is such a soft durable fabric. We knew the couch was going in the living room where we cozy up with our cozy main fireplace. I wanted something that would provide a calming tone against the stark focal point of our black fireplace.

What is awesome about this couch in front of the fireplace is that the family gets to utilize the amazing cushion depth that makes it so comfortable and so easy to snuggle up and fall asleep! It is the ultimate lounge couch. 🙂

Another recent favorite is the Sanibel Accent Chairs with the Llama Fur Snow White fabric. These are a Danish-inspired design that gives a beautiful midcentury vibe. They’re super soft and feel like you’re cozied up in a blanket! We love these circled in front of the electric fireplace in our basement to add that extra warmth to our space. Pair comfy chairs, a warm fire, and this beautiful Tibby Blush pillows and I’m snoozing away the afternoon. ☺

The best part of going with Jonathan Louis is that there are hundreds of different colors and fabric options and they will send you a free fabric swatch through their website. (Let’s be honest, for those of us who are indecisive, this is great.) The Tibby Blush is a pretty unique color and may not be quite right for your space. But that’s okay!!! It is so important to choose what you love so that the pillows or couch or whatever you choose is something that fulfills you and gives you joy. Luckily with Jonathan Louis’s options, there is definitely something that is perfect for everyone.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own Jonathan Louis Furniture it’s super easy! Their stores are nearly everywhere. Here’s a link where you may find one. But if one isn’t close by, their website is super user-friendly. I had no problem using it to pick out my perfect couch!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I decorated the living room with Jonathan Louis furniture. I know I sure did! Thank you again for following along! 🙂

Christmas bedroom


Today we close out the Seasons of Home Holiday Tour with our master bedroom! It has been such a blast creating these cozy Christmas spaces and sharing them with you! Thank you so much to our series host Kristin Whitby at Ella Claire Inspired for all of your hard work and organization!! You are talented beyond belief, friend!

I loved creating a look that is both warm yet bright and airy for the season! The navy wallpaper paired with the bright white walls and light grey floors gives this just the right amount of cozy!

Having a fireplace in our master bedroom is something that I have always dreamt about having, and I adore it! It every bit as wonderful as I imagined it would be!

For Christmas we went with birch trees to add some whimsy to the space, along with cozy textural blankets, a Christmas wreath and some pine cones I love how this space feels festive but not overwhelming!

Thank you for stopping by! Don’t forget to check out these other fabulous ladies to see all the magic they create!

Photos taken by: SharonHughesPhoto

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Kindred Vintage

2019 holiday housewalk

Hi friends!

I am super duper excited to have you here! The Holiday House Walk is one of my all time favorite home tours and I am beyond honored to be a part of it! A special thank you to our tour organizer Jen, who happens to be an amazing blogger herself, jenniferrizzodesigncompany! If you’re not already following, you must! She’s incredible!

If you’re joining in, from Ella Clare Inspired’s incredible home, welcome! I know you received tons of inspiration there! Kristen is so talented!

And if you are visiting the tour for the first time, you can start from the beginning here, everyones homes this year are so insanely festive and beautiful!

I am so blessed that you stopped by and that I get to share with you a part of my heart… the place I get to call home.

We moved into our 1856 Victorian farmhouse almost exactly one year ago! It has been so fun transforming this beauty from a house to our home! I can’t wait to show you around!

Perhaps it’s the coziness of the season, the excitement from our two sweet daughters, the twinkling of the lights on the tree or the fresh smell of pine that fills the air but this season is my very favorite. It always has been and each year my love for Christmas grows.

Not only is it the time to rejoice and celebrate our Savior’s birth, which alone is reason enough to adore this Holiday. But it is also a time to gather close to ones we love, while doing the things we love, in the places we love and for that I am so thankful, and especially grateful for my favorite gathering space, our home.

Decorating has been something I have been drawn to since as early as I can remember and at Christmas time my adoration for decking the halls was even more profound! My mother and father would get down boxes upon boxes of decorations from the rafters in the garage and my brother, sisters and I would sit bright eyed indoors waiting for each one to come in.

As soon as we got the okay we tore into them, beaming at each old treasure as if it was brand new. We would each be assigned our task and mine was usually putting up the window clings and laying out the trinkets. Thank goodness I didn’t have the job of putting the tree together or stringing the lights! Haha! Oh the things my kids will never have to sympathize about! 🙂

DIY thin fireplace brick provided by General Shale! Such an incredible product!

A special thanks to Arhaus for helping to bring this years vision to lift and to Sharon Hughes photography for capturing it through her lenses! What a fun shoot this was!

Thank you so much for stopping by our home! We loved having you over! Now don’t forget to check out the next stop on the tour, Cassie Bustamante’s home is stunning!



Here are the links to the products!

Frosted Alpine Balsam Fir

Christmas Village Wood Tree Collar

The Stag Print

Fresh Mixed Eucalyptus Wreath

Kalmin Coffee Table

Fresh Mixed Eucalyptus Garland

Engles Leather Chair

Bela Cereal Bowl

Bela Dinner Plate

Bela Salad Plate

Bell’Arte Dining Table

Evelyn Twin Bed

Sheepskin Wool Vole Rug

Merle Hand Carved Large Mirror

Amelie Wooden Arched Floor Mirror in Gold Hue

Kipton Four Piece Sectional

Retreat Amber Candle

Striped Linen Stocking

Faux Fur Pom Stocking in Ivory

Remy Coffee Table

A Kindred Vintage Christmas Tree Tradition

Ever since I was a little girl, we have been putting up our Christmas tree decorations early. My mom used to bring in a box or two of seasonal décor from the garage rafters starting in November, and I remember getting so excited.

My brother and sisters and I loved tearing into ornaments and trinkets from Christmas pasts. We were in awe of the warm glow given off by the holiday candles and the light-up porcelain Christmas village.  It set a whimsical, even magical mood that would lift our spirits for the cool season ahead.

The absolute best memory, though, was when we put up the tree.


I am sharing all about a family tradition that has been passed down from my parents to our children over at Balsam Hill!  So grab a hot cup of coffee or tea and I’ll meet you over there!!! 🙂

Click link below to see the blog post:

A Kindred Vintage Christmas Tree Tradition

A masculine spin on our usual Christmas decor!

Good morning!

Today I am joining several other talented bloggers to share our living rooms decked out for the Christmas season.

I have been looking forward to sharing this look with you! It is a bit different than my go to light, bright holiday style but I must admit I love it just as much!

This look is definitely more masculine than my usual feminine style, however to me, it still radiates the whimsical, cozy vibe I am used to! It was so much fun picking out items from Arhaus to give the room this vibe!

I centered the decor around this amazing buck artwork! I really wanted it to be the focal point of the mantel so I kept all else simple and structured! Adding these candlesticks was all the mantel needed to make the buck shine! I love how the ‘frame’ fades into the black fireplace and gives the illusion that he is jumping out at us. He really is the star of the show!

We also added in these amazing leather chairs to the space which provide both beauty and warmth to the room. I love how they appear worn and lived in an otherwise polished room. They’re also the coziest ever!

Now let’s talk about this beauty of a coffee table out of all the tables I have ever owned This one may be my favorite yet! 🙌🏻 I am amazed by the way Artisans selected each piece of shell by hand and carefully placed them one at a time onto the tabletop! It’s an art that I will admire and cherish always!

The holidays are such a great time to dream and experiment with your decor! It was so fun testing out a style that I love and admire but don’t get to enjoy often in my own home! It was also so interesting to watch the whole look come together, even though I hand picked and styled each piece, it’s always so cool watching the entire thing unfold! So interesting that although this look isn’t my everyday one it still represents me and my style so very much!

I would love to hear your thoughts on it below! As well as what your go to Christmas style is! 🙂

Thank you to Sharon Hughes Photography for taking these lovely photos of our home and to Ella Claire Inspired for putting together this awesome tour!


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