A Library Refresh with Castlery

If you’ve been following along on Instagram, you know I’ve been working on our library refresh. Our library shelves host all of my creative ideas, but we also needed cozy seating to enjoy the library and the new view! I want to introduce to you a brand, Castlery, an online furniture retailer focusing on quality designer styles ranging from mid-century to contemporary, offered at a competitive price. Some things I love about them is that they’ll send out fabric swatches for you to try, their flat rate shipping, 14-day return policy, and their warranty coverage. All around a great company with amazing products!

Excited to show you more of how we styled our space with this Pebble Loveseat! Some features I adore most are the curved structure, the deep seats, and how sturdy yet cozy it is to fall back on and read a book!

 Another piece I LOVE is the stunning Cammy Arm Chair in the dusty rose pink! I used it in a bedroom at the country cottage and it’s amazing! The high back is so supportive and it is soft and comfortable!

Equilibria questions answered

A few weeks ago I reached out to you guys on Instagram for any questions you may have about Equilibria CBD. I sent them over to the Equilibria experts and here are their answers! Please remember you can always reach out to them directly with any thoughts and you are ALWAYS welcome to write me. This is something I am super passionate about and would love to help in anyway I can!

Sending much love your way!

I see YOU.

xx Susan


If you would like to order I HIGHLY recommend the subscription boxes. The brilliance and balance boxes are my personal favorites.

Use code first time customers can use code kindredvintage for 15% off your order



1. How are you assured that CBD is assured safe for long-term use?

        There is evidence that humans have been using cannabis and CBD for thousands of years! As one of the world’s most ancient and hardy plants, it’s not surprising that it has been used for many things from women’s health to treating inflammation topically and internally. CBD is one of the cannabinoids present in the hemp plant that mimics our bodies own endocannabinoids. When we replace those cannabinoids lost due to stress, discomfort and poor rest, our bodies are able to slowly rebalance to reach a state of homeostasis.

        Also, according to the World Health Organization, CBD is a safe product. Their report says “Across a number of controlled and open label trials of the potential therapeutic effects of CBD it is generally well tolerated, with a good safety profile.” You can read the report here! According to this report, CBD is non-habit forming, you do not develop a tolerance to it, and you can not overdose on it.

2. What is the age minimum for CBD? A lot have asked about their teenagers.

        Our Dosage Support team is unable to advise you about dosage for children under 18 years old. For these questions, we encourage you to speak with your pediatrician.

3. Can CBD be taken while breastfeeding? / Can you take CBD while pregnant?

Unfortunately, pregnant and breastfeeding women are always the last group to be studied in clinical trials, so there’s very little data as to whether or not CBD can be used during pregnancy. The absence of data leaves us unable to fully answer your question! New CBD studies are published monthly so we are keeping an eye on it.

Ultimately, for most women it comes down to whether CBD is helping them manage stress and reduce the amount of pharmaceuticals they’re taking. It comes down to personal choice and a discussion with your doctor. No matter what you decide, we are here to support you!

4. Does CBD help postpartum anxiety?

        Many of our members use CBD to help control the symptoms of their postpartum. We lose so much of our body’s endocannabinoids during pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding that many members find CBD to be incredibly helpful for bouncing back after giving birth! Of course, it’s always best to have a conversation with your doctor when adding CBD to your routine.

5. What sets Equilibria apart from other CBD companies? (Women-owned, dosing specialist, anything else?)

        Unlike many companies out there, we’re owners in our own organic farm, so we’re completely vertically integrated–we have control from the seed all the way to your doorstep.

Our hemp is grown by a bioscience team with 30+ years experience in seed genetics. We take a lot of pride in constantly optimizing for the highest content of cannabinoids and terpenes (the therapeutic compounds in the plant).

We don’t stop at the seed, we take extra care in every step of the farming practice, from growing it in the sun to only using well water from the farm’s land, down to hand-picking only the flower, which has the highest concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes (whereas many companies will pull the whole plant up, seeds, stalk, stem, leaves and all).

In general, our product tends to have 3-5 times more cannabinoids and terpenes than most of the products on the market, and the more you have the more those compounds work synergistically to amplify each other!

6. Can men take Equilibria?

Absolutely. Our products are perfectly safe for all genders to use.

7. Can you take CBD with high blood pressure?

CBD acts as a vasodilator, meaning it may help your blood vessels relax, leading to lower BP for some members. Of course, if you’re taking a medication, be sure to keep your doctor in the loop that you’re using CBD. We are also available to run the medication through a drug interaction checker. Our on-staff pharmacists are here to help you better understand these interactions and strategically adjust your dosage.

8. How easy is it to unsubscribe if it doesn’t work for you?

Easy! You can always skip 1-3 months of product, or cancel your subscription in your account at any time.


Zephyr Beverage Cooler Giveaway

Hi friends!

I am so excited to be giving away THIS beverage cooler with Zephyr!

As you may know, we have our family room and entertainment space in our basement, and this piece was the perfect addition to our space. We always had an empty nook under the staircase, next to the bar, and this worked perfectly! It’s a great way for us to store adult beverages for social nights, kids drinks for our family movie nights, and water for after our rides on our Peloton.

One of my favorite features about this one from Zephyr has to be the glow from the LED lights! I’m always about adding cozy to every space, and there is an amber glow that you can choose to illuminate the cooler. I love the way it looks and gives warmth to any space. There are also some added features like the wooden extendable wine and craft beer rack on top as well as a retractable glass shelf on the bottom for storing extra tall bottles like mineral water or champagne. We have really loved it and are excited to give one away! We hope you enjoy it just as much!

How to Concrete a Wall

Hey world!

Rob here. SQ asked me to write up a post on how to apply concrete on a wall. We used this in two spaces. One in our living room, and the other on our Tuff Shed fireplace. Hope y’all find this helpful.  (And don’t call me out on using a noun as a verb.)

Firstly, I’ll start by writing that concrete is messy.  It will be difficult to keep it from getting everywhere.  You’ll want lots of protective painter’s paper or sacrificial blankets (which must be very thin if you’re concreting all the way down to the floor.  Both options absolutely must be taped down because inevitably a big ugly glob of quickly hardening concrete will fall on the unprotected area.  Additionally if it’s possible, set up a mixing station outside.  You’ll want a 10 X 10-foot area that has the ground covered or a place where it’s acceptable that concrete will fall on.  Ideally this’ll be outside because concrete dust will be flying around.  Have your 5-gallon bucket ready, a second bucket full of water (or a hose) ready so that you can immediately wash off your tools.  Seriously, the concrete hardens fast and it’ll quickly ruin your tools if it’s not washed off immediately.

Next, after you’ve properly secured your floors and more importantly, resigned yourself to the fact your efforts will ultimately fail, you’ll want to use painters tape to edge.  I’m jumping ahead here but it’s to emphasize something very important.

After you’ve finished concreting the walls, pull the tape while your concrete is wet.

I learned this the hard way.  The concrete will harden in 30 minutes after you add your water (this includes the mixing time, so you really have 20 minutes to apply to the walls).  It really sucks pulling easily tear-able tape from behind what is essentially rock.

So back to the beginning once the area is taped and prepped as much as feasible it’s time to mix.  I used Quikrete20 lb. Polymer Modified Structural Concrete Repair.  It shows right on the label that it can be applied vertically.  This is possible because there is a polymer mixed into the concrete, so yes there is oil included so don’t eat it.  Before getting this version of Quikrete I tried a bag of “normal” concrete and bought to polymer mix separately because I was trying to save money.  That was a waste.  It did not stick to the wall at all.  My advice is to simply pay the few bucks extra to make sure it works.

A few more notes before you begin, if you bought the second bucket, you’ll want to keep it half full of water.  You’ll keep your bucket scoop and tape knife (or finishing trowel instead of the tape knife, which many people prefer because the curved edges prevent creases in the concrete) submerged in here while not using them.  Also, keep a wet rag in here.  This will be helpful when you find that a blob of concrete defied physics and ended up below your protective sheets.  If possible, wipe it away before it hardens. If not though do not be afraid.  With enough water and patience, the dried blob will react to the wetness and dissolve away.  Note!!!!!!  Do not get impatient and simply kick off the blob.  It’ll rip the paint off whatever it landed on or worse.

That’s me!

Mixing concrete is freaking hard work.  For the fireplace in the Tuff Shed I did this by hand.  It sucked.  Don’t do it if you aren’t a professional massage therapist with gorilla like grip strength.  My first attempt at buying a mixer failed because it didn’t fit my power drill.  This mixer is designed for paint but it worked just fine with my smaller batches of concrete.  Using a mixer left me with a better consistency and much less waste since the last bit on the bottom wasn’t missed.  It probably ended up paying for itself.  One thing to note though is that my power drill’s battery lasted roughly ten batches so if you have a second battery pack, charge that while using the other one.

The process of mixing is straightforward.  It’s simply water mixed with the sand/gravel contents included in the bucket.  I recommend pouring half the concrete mix into the larger bucket.  Next add water according to the instructions.  Use the power drill to mix it all together.  It’ll take roughly 3-5 minutes to get the perfect creamy peanut butter consistency.  If it’s crumbly add more water.  If it’s too liquid, add more concrete.  It may seem tough to achieve the right outcome but don’t worry.  After one or two rounds of mixing you’ll be an expert.  I should also emphasize that this part is messy.  Do it outside if possible.  Once mixed know that at this point the clock is ticking.  You’ll have roughly 20-30 minutes to scrape it onto the wall.  Time to get to work.

So now that the floors are protected, edges taped, tools ready, and concrete is mixed it is time to put it on the walls.  To do this use the bucket scoop.  The angle will face away from you as you pick up portions of the wet cement mix.  (Take a moment to appreciate that the curve of the tool perfectly matches to curve of the inside of the bucket. I can’t be the only dork to be awed by such things.)  What I thought when I first used this tool was that it looked as if I was using it backward.  But you’ll want the cement on the downward curve so that you can smear it onto the wall.  You’ll want to do your best with this tool to smooth out the layer of concrete you applied, but it won’t be perfect.  Don’t worry though because that is what the tape knife and/or finish trowel are for.

I worked from the ground up.  First, I would glob a patch of concrete onto the wall.  Most of it will stick if you’re lucky.  Then I’d used the bucket scoop to spread it around till there was about ¼ inch thick layer of concrete.  I’d fill in roughly a 3X3 foot section and then use the tape knife to smooth it all out.  Keep the tape knife wet though.  “The wetter the tool to smoother the finish”, said she.  If the trowel gets too dry, you’ll find that it doesn’t glide over the concrete.  You’ll end up with staccato ridges as it “bounces” over the concrete.  The application and finishing motion should be like Daniel’s training in Karate Kid: “Show me, paint the fence”.  Note, if you mix your cultural references and “wax on, wax off” the wall will explode.

Once you start it’s a good idea to keep applying the concrete until the end or at least to wherever there is a natural break in the work area.  If you stop for an hour and begin again you be able to see the two sections.  Eventually after a month or so they’ll mostly blend together but it might annoy you until it does.  The two sections can be sanded at the seam where they meet and that’ll hide the distinction too.

Once a section is complete don’t forget to pull the tape!!

The last bit of work to do is the touchups.  Use a small putty knife to fill in any miss spots and finish off the edging.  This one works well.

Optional: in the Tuff Shed I sanded the fireplace but not the living room.  I did this because when I concreted the fireplace I didn’t use enough water with the tape knife and hand-mixed, so the concrete was really grainy.  The whole thing didn’t have a smooth finish.  By the time I did the living room I had learned that I needed to use a lot of water while smoothing and it looked a lot better the first round.  Also, sanding means a ton of dust.  I did not want to deal with all that inside our house.

Mistakes I made:

  1. Concrete literally sucks the moisture from your skin.  You can either wear gloves or put lotion on every hour or so to prevent your skin from being painfully dry.
  2. When I did the fireplace I accidentally touched the concrete with my lotion-y hands and my big paw print was visible until I sanded it off.  Don’t touch the concrete with any oils or lotions.

Tricks I used that worked: Rather than pulling the sockets and light switches out to account for the quarter-inch of concrete I just tapered it down to the thickness of the face plates.  This looked pretty good and I can’t even see the taper now even when I look directly at the sockets.

First wall done.

Here is the Tuff Shed concrete fireplace I did in the summer.




Our 10 most asked about Tuff Shed questions answered

1) What is the square footage?

a. The shed is an 18×14 with about 244 sq feet on the bottom floor plus around 100 square feet on the upper loft area. The roof line comes down low on the sides so we use those two corners to storage to make best use of the area.

2)     How much did it cost?

a. This large Tuff Shed retails between $14-$18,000, which (importantly) does include installation. Additionally, because of the large size our city required a concrete slab and that cost $8,000. Wiring, insulation, dry wall, electrical, shiplap, flooring, and paint cost about $12,000.

3)     Did you insulate the shed and does it stay warm?

a. Yes we did. We have all seasons here so whether to do so was not a question. We use an electric fireplace as the main heat source. It takes about 30 minutes to get really snuggly warm.

4)     Why did you install shiplap over the drywall?

a. It was totally cosmetic. Simply love the look of shiplap and wanted a rustic, cabin-like feel to the space. Hence why they’re all different sizes.

5)     Did you need a permit?

a. Yes we did. For our major home renovation we did on our last home the contractor took care of all that. For this shed project that was on Rob to figure out. Luckily both our city and Tuff Shed told him exactly what he needed to do. On the Tuff Shed side, they provided all blueprints necessary. These were stamped, which in the permitting world signifies that a licensed engineer approved that the place wasn’t going to fall down.

6)     Can you put plumbing out there?

a. Yes you can but we did not. Perhaps in the future we’ll run water and sewer lines out there and build a bathroom add on but for now we decided against doing so. It’s close to the sunken patio which has a bathroom.

7)     What are you going to use to get up to the loft?

a. We’ve gone through several ideas on this. Firstly, stairs are not feasible. They would take up too much space. We tried a few options but the only one that made any sense was if we put them on the side of the shed. Unfortunately, that didn’t work because at the top of people would hit their heads on the angled roof. So we’ve decided to shop for a ladder. We haven’t found the perfect one just yet but we know it should hook into place for extra security, be lightweight so that we can store it out of the way, and is appealing! If you know of any good sources please let us know! For now we use a medal ladder, that isn’t cute but works.

8)     How long did it take to get built?

a. Excluding the concrete slab, which will need to be handled by a different company that offers that service, the build takes a day or two. Ours took two days because of the large size, plus we were filming so that added a few hours. BTW, the slab took two days to frame and pour. Then it needed to dry for two days.

9)     How secure is the shed?

a. We have standard door looks like you’d have on your front door. The windows also have locks as well. We also have it wired with a security camera.

10)  Are Tuff Shed’s customizable?

a. Absolutely they’re customizable. We went thru the Tuff Shed site so Rob and I could see what our shed would look like before it got built. This one fit our family’s needs the best but literally there are hundreds of different options available. You can pick everything from shape, size, loft, color, roofing, shutters, you name it.

Photos by Aesthetiica

The best sectional for your home, the Arhaus Kipton!

I cannot wait to share with you all about our sectionals in our home the Kiptons from Arhaus!! We love them so much we have two! I will say aside from comfort, another super important thing is aesthetic and this sofa is so customizable from layout to fabric, therefore, each of ours look completely different!

There are essentially two approaches when choosing a sectional: formal and informal. We love that this sofa provides them both!

Firstly, let’s talk about our ‘informal’ Kipton. Which could totally be used as a formal one, too! For us, we decided this Kipton in Stanton Frost fabric would be our informal one, simply meaning, our pup is allowed on it, popcorn, dance parties and mannnny snuggles. We’ve written about this couch before and after a year of quality checks (i.e. eating, sleeping, and watching t.v. on it) everything is still amazing!! The couch remains to be our favorite snuggle spot. Our “go to” when we’re watching family movies. Or when Rob and I want to escape the kids after bedtime, and more times than not, fall asleep shortly after the opening credits. 😊 This couch is so perfect for every one of our everyday needs.

But what’s best is that it hasn’t turned into a shabby comfortable mess. My parents had one of those growing up and they had such a love/hate relationship with it. The arm rests were frayed, the cushions sunk in, and it quickly lost its “new” appeal. But it was soooo comfy! The Kipton simply does not have any of these issues, but remains sooo comfy. Believe me when I say that my girls have put this couch to the test. I doubt Arhaus market’s the couch this way, but did you know it makes a perfect trampoline?!?! The cushions also make for awesome fort walls. 😊 Lastly, Rob is 215 pounds (comprised solely of pure muscle he’d want me to type) and always steals the same corner. After over a year of this treatment the couch has held up spectacularly. No indents, no permanent stains, the couch is still adorable, and best of all, it also is still soooo comfy!

Our second Kipton is located in our living room and is our more formal space. It is what people see when they first walk into our home. I love that it gives such a clean, sophisticated look to our guests. But it is still sooo comfortable!

I chose to use Prado gray leather to compliment our ink black fireplace. And to soften the overall look Rob hung a rug rack from which we hang snuggly blankets. It may be more formal in here but that doesn’t mean it isn’t cozy and nap worthy . 😉

What I also like is that it sets the mood. Friends and other visitors instantly feel tranquil. The soft leather, the perfect depth of the seats, (we went for the deep cushions on both sectionals!) and the cushions that give way in all the right spots make people just sink in and feel at home.

It’s just the perfect blend of culture and coziness. It’s formal comfort. We couldn’t ask for better sectionals for either of our spaces!

2020 holiday housewalk

Hi friends!

I am super duper excited to have you here! The Holiday House Walk is one of my all time favorite home tours and I am beyond honored to be a part of it! A special thank you to our tour organizer Jen, who happens to be an amazing blogger herself, jenniferrizzodesigncompany! If you’re not already following, you must! She’s incredible!

If you’re joining in, from Saw Nail and Paint’s incredible home, welcome! I know you received tons of inspiration there!

And if you are visiting the tour for the first time, you can start from the beginning here, everyones homes this year are so insanely festive and beautiful!

I am so blessed that you stopped by and that I get to share with you a part of my heart… the place I get to call home.

Decorating has been something I have been drawn to since as early as I can remember and at Christmas time my adoration for decking the halls was even more profound! My mother and father would get down boxes upon boxes of decorations from the rafters in the garage and my brother, sisters and I would sit bright eyed indoors waiting for each one to come in.

This year we are a little late to the game, in typical 2020 fashion! 😉 however, here are a few spaces we decked out with Christmas cheer so far! Stay tuned to see more!!

Now make sure to head on over to the beautiful house in the tour, Clean and Sensible! Her home is so charming and inspiring you’re going to love it!

Thank you for tuning in, as always having you here means so much! xx

My Christmas Gift Guide

It’s festive season, friends!

I hope everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving, no matter how you celebrated this year. Personally, I’m so thankful for my family, the ability to create Christmas magic in our home this year, and for the love + support, we’ve received this year for Kindred Vintage. Thank you to each of you, whether you’ve been following along on this journey from the beginning or if you’re new. Every individual’s support means the world and the Kindred Vintage team is so grateful for you!

This year I wanted to celebrate the season by sharing some of my favorite holiday gift ideas! These are some tested and true products, and I hope you or the lucky recipient enjoys them just as much as I do!

Here we go!

  1. First on my list, my all-time favorite CBD company, Equilibria! You guys, if you have been following along, you know just how much  I SWEAR by this company and their products. CBD has been one of the best changes for my health this year, from the calming effects it has when experiencing anxiety, to helping me doze off to sleep, to amazing skincare products, to peaceful & relaxing aromatherapy baths it does it all, so there is something for every woman in your life! Speaking of women,  Equilibria tailors dosage for every client free of charge, so you have CBD that is tailored just for YOU or whomever the kit is for;)! I love this quote from their website, how true is this? Especially this year! “Life isn’t static, and our mental and physical needs aren’t either. We focus on our members’ quality of life by offering personalized, medical-grade CBD routines with dedicated one-on-one Dosage Support.”

Now for the exciting part, look at these darling holiday bundles Equilibria offers, treat yourself or you can even purchase individual items as stocking stuffers for the women you love! They have a special sale running now through Cyber Monday 11/30. The sale includes 20% off sitewide and a free full-size Daily Treatment Oil (EQ’s new premium skincare product) on orders of $150+. All customers can take advantage of 20% off sitewide. PLUS all new customers will receive an additional 15% off when shopping with my code: KINDREDVINTAGE Click HERE to shop Equilibria!

I promise you, it’s a gift you don’t want to skip this year. It’s worked wonders for me, and I couldn’t recommend it enough. ❤️


2. Need a stocking stuffer or something warm and cozy? I absolutely love Carhartt beanies. They have so many fun colors and are the perfect warm accessory for anyone. Everyone in our family has one of these! Click HERE to purchase one!

3. Next up, one of my favorite companies, and also someone I am happy to call friend, Lindsay Letters. She has the most beautiful artwork (I have her pieces throughout my home), and she also uses her lettering to create beautiful mugs. She has different styles to choose from, but I just think they make the best gifts. You can browse through her site HERE.

4. Loomia has some beautiful Christmas gift sets as well as THESE cozy chic slippers. The color palette for these are perfect, just be sure to size up 1-2 sizes from your standard shoe size! I am typically a 7.5 and ordered the 39EU and they fit great. Also, THESE Christmas sets are made up of a collection of beautiful handmade pieces from this company. For 20% use my code LOOMIA20 + the Christmas sets are an additional 10% off!

5. One of my favorite cozy blankets that we use on our girls bed is THIS! The Alpine Faux Fur Throw Blanket is the coziest textured blanket, and our girls love to snuggle with these every night. Let’s be honest, I love these for myself. These would be perfect for throwing over your chair or couch or hanging up on a peg rail for some extra textures to your living room.

6. Another favorite addition to my 2020 routine has been Young Living Essential Oils. I have become obsessed with diffusing oils and using them topically for the whole family. Walking into a room filled with fresh air and a variety of scents, depending on your mood, has really made for a peaceful calming environment. The whole family loves the variety of smells, and I love the look of their diffusers too! A few personal favorites are the Aria Diffuser and Desert Mist. These are some of the options (if in stock!) that can come with the starter kit, along with a variety of essential oils to get you going. The Starter Kit is the perfect gift for anyone interested in beginning with oils! I even have another Instagram account dedicated to my oils called Kindred and Clove and you can check that out HERE. To get started with Young Living, follow this link and be sure to sign up under me! I will help you along your journey and you will be entered into our oily community! Click HERE to join our community! Feel free to reach out with any questions! Individual oils also make great stocking stuffers. 🙂

7. Don’t get me started with Arhaus. One of my all-time favorite home furnishing stores. If you follow my Kindred Vintage Instagram page, you must know my love for this company! They also sell my favorite mirror of all time, the Amelie! If you click HERE you can view all the different sizes they offer! You will not regret gifting it this holiday season.

(Photo: Breakforth Studio)

8. Speaking of coffee mugs earlier, my favorite drip coffee maker is THIS SMEG model. I personally own the color white, and it proudly sits on my countertop! They have other adorable kitchen appliances too! You can’t go wrong with a classic SMEG piece.

9. And for everybody’s favorite bedding this year, the Threshold Velvet Diamond Stitch Quilt, which you can click HERE to view! I used these in our guest bedroom, our master bedroom, and in our Tuff Shed loft. You guys, they have a variety of colors and they add the best texture and comfort to any bed. Whoever is gifted one of these this year will not be disappointed!

10. Next up, my new home collection with PCB! We partnered together this holiday season to bring you a whimsical collection of pillows, personalized blankets, tea towels, and a few other home furnishings. Check out our collection by clicking HERE.

11. Lastly, a kitchen must-have this year, THESE Caraway pots + pans! They have a sale going on now through Monday 11/30! Their sale includes 10% off orders of $225-$449, 15% off orders of $450-$524, and 20% off orders of $525+. These pots and pans are truly a game-changer. They’re non-stick, toxic-free, and come in a variety of colors. I own the terra-cotta set and we use them every single day. Great gift idea for just about anyone!


Wishing you a holiday season full of love + joy!












A Cozy Addition with Annie Selke

Happy November 1st! (How is it already November!?)

Many of you have asked about our latest addition to our fireplace room, and let me say, it’s the perfect piece for the season. Our Annie Selke Sorrel Woven Wool Rug was the perfect choice for this space. I’ve always used a smaller rug for this room, but choosing this 10×14 was definitely the right selection.

I absolutely love how it adds a cozy texture to this room. One thing I adore about the fireplace room is the comfort as this is where we host and cuddle up during the cold season. We added the hanging blankets, our new Annie Selke rug, and some big pillows to incorporate as much comfort.


What do you guys think of the rug for this space? As you must know by now, rugs are one of my favorite ways to add texture and switch up the look of the room. I think this was a winner! 😉



Backyard Halloween with Tuff Shed


Documenting the little moments in life because at the end of the day, they’re the biggest ones. We carved pumpkins last night with our cuties in our TuffShed and it was nothing short of magical. I love that we have a space to escape to make memories… and it’s even better that it’s in our backyard!!

This year has been different and unordinary, to say the least in so many ways. We are learning to navigate when traditions are altered. Like going to HomeDepot for pumpkins instead of the pumpkin farm. The first time we’ve missed a visit since the girls’ were born.

On a whim, I hung up the floating candles that I ordered a few years ago and never used, brought out the pumpkin cheesecake and apple cider and we called the troops out to the We Shed where we made some memories. And guess what? It was perfect. We may have gotten our carving in by the skin on our teeth, but we did it and it was a night I’ll always remember!


Our Tuff Shed has been a saving grace this year and I know as the weather gets colder and we’re stuck at home, we will continue to use this space for more escapes and entertainment. So far we’ve been able to enjoy projecting movies from the loft, making popcorn, carving pumpkins, and of course all the little things in between. Stay tuned for more holiday festivities in our Tuff Shed. This space has really been a dream come true.

I hope you enjoy today wherever you are celebrating this year!

Happy Halloween, friends!