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Hey friends,

For so many reasons I don’t understand, these past few months have been really hard. I’ve had so much anxiety. I’m not sure if it’s the girls going back to in-person school, all of us spending more time in public spaces, or simply being scared for my girls who are growing up so fast!

My doctor said he worried about people with anxiety, like myself, who will have a harder time emerging from Covid quarantining. We are the ones who have a hard time believing it’s back-to-normal now (or at least normalish). It has definitely been a struggle to stop worrying.

What has helped me the most is Equilibria. Really it has been a game-changer for my anxiety and overall well-being. It helps relax my mind and body whenever I feel tension or my heart begins to race. Honestly, Equilibria has gotten me through these months and I don’t know where I’d be without it. I wouldn’t support the brand if it truly hasn’t been a blessing.

Click HERE for the list of Equilibria products that have helped me. (I listed everything below if that’s easier) Additionally, I’ve included other goodies that you will enjoy. Equilibria is also a free mystery mini Daily Drop with any purchase $75+ purchase the month of October! New customers use code KINDRED VINTAGE for 15% off your purchase.

  1. Daily Treatment Oil: This Daily Treatment Oil is just the best! I love using this before bed right after I wash my face. It smells sweet and citrusy and helps me relax before bed. It feels very nourishing on my skin, and you can use it on your body too! Love this in my nighttime routine.
  2. Daily Soft Gels: These Daily Soft Gels are actually part of my daily routine. Seriously, it simply sets me up for a good day – if you can understand what I mean.
  3. Mindful Mineral Soak: If you need some relaxation, this soak is heaven.
  4. Daily Gummies: These gummies are so helpful when my anxiety ramps up. They last a long time and just help to balance me.
  5. Daily Drops: Daily Drops are also helpful for high anxiety days. They’re faster acting than the gummies so I keep these with me at all times.

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