Arhaus – Amelie Wooden Arched Mirror

If there’s one thing people know about me it’s that I love vintage. Period. Vintage homes. Vintage furniture. Vintage décor. Amongst those things, by far my most favorite thing to collect and decorate with are vintage mirrors. One of the reasons why I like decorating with mirrors is that they not only add visual interest to a space, they also reflect light. So for instance, the dining room in which I have my mirror gallery only has windows on one side. So the light comes in from only one direction, but when the light bounces off the mirror wall the room appears that much more bright and beautiful. I also love that mirrors gives the allusion that the room is bigger than it is by reflecting the room twice over.

But that written, one of the biggest challenges with vintage mirrors is that they can be in very bad shape. The quirks of the vintage mirrors I love, such as the distressed and timeworn look, but the fact that they can be missing backings or embellishments makes styling them a challenge. That’s why when I came across with the Amelie Wooden Arched Mirror from Arhaus I was immediately drawn to it. The mirror had all the character and charm of the vintage mirrors I so love but with modern day quality.

The Amelie mirror comes in two sizes. A floor mirror that is full length (which is the one I’m share here) and the 28 inch size. I love them both equally for the purposes they serve individually. Floor length is both functional and beautiful. It alone captivates a room. You can also functionally use it to make sure your shoes match your shirt. J The smaller mirror you can use as a statement piece on a mantel or gallery wall serving as both art and glamor. I can tell you one thing that’s for sure, they’re both absolutely stunning.

Now for some super exciting news for you.  I couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that we have teamed up with the wonderful people over at Arhaus to give away a 28 inch Amelie mirror to one lucky follower.  All the details to enter are provided on our Instagram page.  Simply click here!

Best of luck to you.

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  1. Hello,

    This mirror is beautiful. I have been recently looking at stand up mirrors and initially my heart fell in love with the anthropology gleaming primrose mirror. This one is equally beautiful and if you are still doing the giveaway I would love to have it in my home. Thank you 💞