Our Vertical Garden

Moving into a new home there are always big projects to tackle! (At least when you are Kindred Vintage!) The basement hosts many rooms, one of which is a utility room. The utility room was a damp useless space and something practical had to be made out of it! There was definitely potential to brighten up this gloomy room. With a little hard work and love and after a fresh coat of paint, some artwork, and a couple of new lighting fixtures, the room already looked much better. It just needed a little more life and the idea of adding plants to just about any space is always a great idea. Not only do plants bring life into a room, but they also add some fresh air. This was just the thing for such a dull space.

Photo taken by: Sharon Hughes Photo

There is a wall in the utility room, right between the window and door, that needed some extra love. The vision was to add some plants, so we knew we had to use WallyGro! They create simple plant hangers that mount right onto the wall! The plant hangers gave such character and charm to the once lifeless and plain small space. These planters were the perfect solution to add some life and love there!. Considering this room was already small because it houses some utilities, these planters helped save on space while adding such big transformation. This was a win-win!  This vertical garden deserves to be in every home!

Photos taken by: Sharon Hughes Photo

This idea to create a wall covered with plants came to life because these planters were able to deliver just that! Not only do plants provide a pretty lively ambiance, but they deliver fresh air to this once motionless space, and also provide a relaxing soothing environment.  I’m in love with how this room turned out, at least for now! My daughters are obsessed with crafts and painting, so with the addition of an artist’s desk, this room is now transformed into something usable, and quite frankly, a place we like to spend some quality family creative time!

Photo taken by: Sharon Hughes Photo

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