Our home LIBRARY!

Here’s a story of a girl and her library.

The library of my dreams!

Let’s start from the way beginning, when 9 year old Susan sat wide eyed in a movie theater watching Beauty and the Beast, which would soon become her all time favorite movie, still to this day.

I was mesmerized by it! And one of my all time favorite scenes was that of Belle soaring through a library on a rolling ladder surrounded by books, and then another when she was gifted a library of her own filled floor to ceiling with pages and pages of adventure!

You know the one 🙂

Since then I always dreamt of having a library in our home. It wasn’t until our second home and 27 years later that that dream would come true for me! But it did and you guys, I’m in love!

Athens storage furniture from Arhaus

Thank you Arhaus for helping to bring my vision to life!

When I seriously started thinking about turning our rarely used formal dining room into a library I initially thought we would do floor to ceiling built ins. I thought about going this route for a few reasons. I wanted the room to feel grand, even though it isn’t a huge space I wanted it to make a statement. After all, I needed floor to ceiling shelves stuffed with books just like Belle. 😉

I was also hesitant with this idea for a few reasons. The built ins would be permanent. They would ruin the plaster walls. If we ever moved we wouldn’t be able to take them with us. It was a huge commitment.

At the end of the day I knew I wasn’t going to be happy with free standing shelving so I took the next step and we priced out having built ins put into our home. Turned out it was even more of a commitment than I was anticipating. The decorative crown on the ceiling would have to be removed and the detail of the vintage plaster ceiling reworked. That gave me the push to keep looking elsewhere.

I adore these shelves

I turned to my favorite home furnishing store, Arhaus and started taking measurements. Nothing seemed right at first but as I kept looking and researching I learned I could reconfigure their shelving units and work with a FREE Arhaus designer to make them look like built ins!!! I’m not exaggerating when I say my heart was racing as I measured for the Athens cabinets and they were just the right height and width for the space! I knew I wanted them to wrap around the room, just like they would if I got builtins on the wall, so that’s where the complimentary Arhaus design services came into play!

My happy place

I sent over my vision, dimensions of the room and within days I received back plans from an Arhaus designer for a corner unit that would marry the two end bookcases and create my dream library! There’s something so special about having a designer help with your plans, and it’s even more amazing when their services are complimentary!

27 years of dreaming about a home library… it was worth the wait!

I ended up deciding against the Athens bookcase with the sliding ladder because of the space constraints of the room! But they do have that option as well as many other gorgeous designs!

You guys, it was possible to have bookcases that looked like they had always been a part of our 1856 home without ruining any of the other vintage charm of the room! Not to mention, they were stunning, classic and elegant. Exactly the vibe I was hoping for.

Cozy library = Reece approved.

Best news right now all storage from Arhaus is 15% off! So make sure to check it out!

A reminder of how the room functioned as a final dining room.
The same room now as a cozy library

I want to add this in from friend to friend, yes, both the built ins and the cabinetry options were a large investment. At the end of the day both options were actually very similar in price for my space. I couldn’t be happier with any of the items I have from Arhaus their furniture is made to last and it is timeless. I feel good knowing that I will be able to pass these along to our children one day. Yes, that is how confident I am vouching for Arhaus pieces. This library is no different! I’m smitten! Would love to hear what you think!

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  1. Yes is just WOW! I’d love to have this in my home. Cozy place to read books, decorating books and books you can’t put down. Comfy chair and ottoman with a cup of Chai Tea and I’m in dreamland🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  2. It looks gorgeous, well done. A happy ending just like in the film. 👏👏👏

  3. This just turned out gorgeous. A few homes ago we also used our formal dining room for a different purpose and never regretted it.
    I just have one final comment; I can’t believe that you turned down the sliding ladder! 🙂

    • Thank you! Yes, if she had space I know that would’ve been stunning! There was no room for her to slide across the shelves like Belle because the dining room is not that big! 😉

  4. I may have missed something, but why are the majority of your books backward? In my very humble opinion, it detracts from the beauty of the library effect. Other than that, this is a room I would die to have. It’s absolutely stunning. Enjoy!

    • Hi there! Thank you, we’re in love! Personally, Susan loves the aesthetic and texture of the book pages! She actually speaks about this in detail on her Instagram post in the comments! You can check that out for more of her thought process. 🙂